Keynote: Evolution of the JavaScript

From 2007: web -> smartphone

2009 - 2010: mobile web environment

2013: “Web hybrid” vs. “100% Native”

2015: React native & NativeScript


  • Plugins / external contributions

  • Instant Start CLI framework
    • run a CLI, simple command, simplify startup
  • HMR(Hot Module Replacement)
    • without reloading, refresh
    • maintain app state as code changes
  • Reusing existing web technology and resource
  • Code reuse: web& mobile code sharing

2018: Sharing code between Web & Mobile

  • Still hard problem: offline, data sync, CD, legacy code..

Be ready for the future
Bet on Javascript (again)

Responsive Design: Beyond Our Devices

  • Digital Design
  • Pages to Patterns
  • Layout for all the devices

  • a network of content rearranged by all size of display
  • Design the priority not the layout: content hierarchy before layout
  • “teaser”
  • flex-direction
  • Feature Queries: @supports Rule
    • “Support” doesn’t mean the exactly same experience on all devices
  • Conditionally enhanced layout (.has-flex, .has-flex-wrap)

Like cars designed to perform in extreme heat or on icy road, web should treat non-ideal environment.

Input method / screen size / network speed / network condition

Pattern library/Style guide: Style Guide

We should start with language, not interfaces.

  • Naming the element in the pattern library helps consistency and avoid duplications with other designers
  • We need consistent and meaningful terms for the design pattern

Responsive Design: Patterns & Principles: Ethan Marcotte: 9781937557331: Books

Blockchain Crash Course

By Crescendo CTO

  • Centralized System
  • Build trust, consistency
  • Set of same data
  • PrevHash: immutability, one-way hash
  • Add transaction -> consensus protocol [vote]

Network protocol: how do peers communicate
Consensus protocol: how are decisions made
- Proof of Work: difficult puzzle
- Proof of Stake: stake -> ownership
Transaction protocol: what makes transactions valid

Blockchain community - Blockgeeks

@thetrendytechie GitHub - thetrendytechie/bed-and-blockchain: Simple decentralized booking system dapp built with Solidity and Truffle

One Project, One Language, Three Apps

Code Sharing Introduction

Boosting Your Development Experience with Webpack and Hot Module Replacement

  • Hot Module Replacement
  • TNS preview: no Android/iOS setup
  • Webpack
    • Every Javascript file is a module
    • Every HTML file is a module
    • Every CSS file is a module
  • Angular - native script no HMR default
  • State Management
    • Redux, ngRX, ngXS, akita

Tracking🔥Hot Module Replacement with webpack · Issue · NativeScript/NativeScript · GitHub

Boosting the IoT to Your Will with Javascript

Lean Native

  1. Pre-build
    1. Validate problem
      • pain level metric
    2. Validate solution
      • enthusiasm level + referrals(bonus) + writing a check(bonus!! - B2B)
      • it is worth to introduce to someone
    3. Validate channel: landing page, Sales/Marketing
  2. MVP
    1. Early Adopters
    2. Validate acquisition(total cost/acquiring customers)
    3. Determine value: know your cohorts
  3. Growth
    1. Channel Optimization
    2. Acquisition loops
    3. Retention loops